On Demand internet


Leading the broadband revolution in Afrika

Simple Setup

To sell wifi,All you need is to create an account,register a phone number,connect to our cloud Servers and start selling

Easy Online Management

We provide an easy to use dashboard to create bundles,wifi/network speeds and pricing.

Access your revenue anytime

Once your wallet accumulates money,You can access you the money at anytime of day.!

Wifi Advertising

Add value to your wifi by publishing adverts,
that can be seen by anyone accessing your wifi. Track analytics like clicks,views and sessions and redirections to your social media pages
using any device, whether it's a phone, tablet, or desktop
the page will behave responsively!Chat with your consumers and get realtime feedback Gather data,Give discouts.The value is limitless.

Monetize your Wifi

Netpap cloud allows you to sell/share your internet connection or start an ISP business
.Payments are automatic via MPESA and All you need connect your router,load it with our configurations.Market to your neighbours and start earning money directly to your account.

What you need to get Started?

So you want to start monetizing your wifi or advetising on your wifi network?

  • 1.Fast reliable Internet,FIBER,SATELLITE(VSAT),Modem etc
  • 2.A mikrotik router-Mandatory
  • 3.Long range,Wifi Extender(Access point e.g Nano m2,unifi etc)-optional
  • NOTE:Existing hardware can be used to extend the network

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