ISP BILLING & Management

Management for serious ISPs.

Simple Setup

To manage your network users get an account integrate to your core router/controller.Start managing.Register M-PESA callbacks and start receiving payments.

Cloud Management

We provide an easy to use dashboard to create bundle plans,send group messages,send payment reminders,auto disconnection.Track payments/users


Integrate M-PESA Paybill,cash,cheque,EFT,Kopo Kopo & JENGA.Money goes directly to you paybill.Netpap invoices you at the end of the month.

Fixed Broadband

Our beautiful solution allows you to manage your fiber or fixed wireless customers from anywhere in the world.Built using industry standards.The system can disconnect non paying customers automatically.Reconnect customers on payment via MPESA.Our robust Customer relations module sends automatedly custom payment reminders to customers and send network related messages from the comfort of your House.

We capture the dream of seamless management on the platform,so that you never walk alone.Group customers into plans with speeds,time,devices allowed and never have to worry about IP ADDRESSes

The system provides an interface to export reports into excel and fallback payment methods via cash,cheque and EFT.

Hotspot solution

Have you dreamnt of building or managing a large scale hotspot network and monetize it like large carriers with innovative never seen before addons(All batteries included at no cost).

Our wifi management platform allows you to customize the user flow process for your customers with no registration required.Pay to login steps.

Create plans they can purchase either prepay,time metered,calender purchases,unlimited internet or limited data.Customers buy wifi vouchers to enjoy unlimited login

Customers are automatically disconnected and prompted to purchase extra vouchers.

Enterprise Resource Management.(ERP)

Generate financial reports for your business,Trial balance,balance sheet,income staments and track all business accounts.Know the standing position of your business.Track expense and business bills and evaluate monthly,weekly,yearly


Hotspot solution

NETPAP cloud allows you to sell/share your internet connection or start an ISP/Hotspot business. Payments are automatic via MPESA and All you need connect your router, load it with our conīŦgurations. Market to your neighbours and start earning money directly to your account.

How it works

  1. A user connect to the your Wi-Fi network
  2. They log In to the Captive portal to select bundle
  3. The User is the billed and sent an sms through the NETPAP cloud
  4. The user receives the voucher
  5. The user the access internet by using the sms voucher

Fixed Broadband solution


How it works

  1. Open an account for an internet subscriber,assign monthly,weekly,yearly speed plan.The customer is sent account details and payment details
  2. TMake installation ,fiber onu/wireless receiver,Use credentials created to dial the customer to the internet.Customer given 30 minutes free trial pending payment
  3. Customer is disconnected and prompted to make payments
  4. Once payment is made customer is reconnected and acknowledgement message sent to customer
  5. Customer sent custom reminder towards the end of the month.


Tokyo is the capital of Japan.


What do you need to get started?

  • Fast reliable Internet,FIBER,SATELLITE(VSAT),Modem etc
  • A mikrotik router/UniFI Controller-Mandatory
  • Long range,Wifi Extender/Mesh wifi Network for the Hotspot solution(Access point e.g Nano m2,unifi etc)-optional
  • Fiber Network,Point to Multipoint wireless Network
  • NOTE:Existing hardware can be used to extend the network
Hotspot Users

Netpap Features

Manage Users/Plans

Create users for fixed customers and assign them data plans with speed quotas,expiration

Wifi customers have 2 step to use internet.Hassle free.

Manage Stations

Register multiple stations(PPPOE Servers/Hotspot servers),anywhere in the world.No questions asked.

Customer Relations

Send payment reminders,track issue tickets,leads from one dashboard for both hotspot,fixed..

Send group messages for alerts and on payments

Customer Dashbaord

Customer can raise tickets from dashboard,make payment,downgrade or view notifications..

Customer can redeem data points madefrom referrals

Financial Reports

Track financial business records,that can assist you have access to credit,investments,taxation and auditing.

Track bills and expenses and all business partners.

All Payments go to your paybill.

Access to Credit

Longtime merchants with proper records can have access to credit from our sister company Opalquick LTD.

This allows you as our partner to scale your business to limitlessly

Full Brand ownership

Your company flow is completely branded from sms,dashboard,domain to MPESA paybill

Referral Discounts

Get discounts,offers,shopping vouchers and commissions from your referrals.

Let us grow together.

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